Wednesday, 31 August 2016


The word business is a term used by many people to refer to many things mostly aspects of life that involves transaction of goods or services in various fields. According to me, business can be a way of life or even a hobby that people engage in in order to reap some profits at the end of the day. Business to others is a lifestyle that they engage either for fun or just the fact that they are in it because they earn something from it. Any form of business has lots of impact on the people transacting which can extend from physical gains to even emotional gain to them who do it out of passion and love for it.

Business affects me as an individual in many ways in that almost everywhere I go there is always a transaction going on. People have set up business enterprises that give them wealth which everyone would like to have one day. In the many transactions I make, it builds ones business while on my side I get the product I want. In many instances from the business world, I have got to learn how to interact with people of different calibers with all sorts of ideologies, personalities and lifestyles in a good way. I am not perfect yet when dealing with people but I am work in progress. In the business world, I have come to realize also that it needs dedication and passion for the business one does or else it is prone to fail. Where one lacks dedication to the business venture, the fruits are so minimal or none.

Businesses can grow into multi-million dollar empires, remain average or die off at some point. The success of any business depends on the individual/s running it. Business has opened my eyes to the realization that the fastest way up the ladder of life is through venturing into business. Many people especially the young and elite prefer being employed in great and well re-known companies not thinking of a way of coming up with their own companies that can help them build their own empire.

When I first ventured into business it was not easy and still is not easy now. I got myself some nice perfume in high school which I charged 10 shillings on my colleagues for a spray during school functions and outings. I didn’t earn much since most of them were my friends and talked me into not charging them. While in campus, I bought some men clothing to sell in school but it got hard since I had to joggle within classwork and the business. Shortly the business died since I had little knowledge and wisdom on effective ways of running a business. Through the days, I have been learning a lot of how to handle and manage a business. It comes with its own package of hardships but the benefits override the negatives. I am now more than ever motivated to venture more into business and be a shaker and mover.

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