Monday, 10 March 2014

Media is this one hub where we get all kind of stuff, news, feature stories, documentaries, history of events that took place long time ago, lives about people; celebrities, interact with friends over the social media, blogs, live streams and much much more. Actually, it seems as if media has taken over our lives because all that is around us is just media....look at a 6th grade student who cant do anything like house chores because he is an addict of computer games. he knows how to operate in the social media and has all sort of friends.
This young child becomes unsocial and only knows how to get social in the internet. Whats worse is that he does dates via the net...think about that husband who comes home late at night tired and exhausted just to find that he has been glued to the internet for approximately 5 hours...that wife who cannot do laundry or do anything in the house but has time to chat with friends over the social media.
What kind of a generation are we raising here?
Where are we headed to with this rush to always be updated and chat with friends?
Will our social lives be replaced by these social hubs that we are subscribed to?

Who will answer all these questions that linger in the minds of many of us?

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